Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prosecutors need to be held accountable, responsible, and liable for their wrongdoings.

Why isn’t there a Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct?  There is one for Judges.  There is one for attorneys.  There is one for doctors.  Yet there is not one for Prosecutors, thereby giving free reign to Prosecutors to commit prosecutorial misconduct, malicious prosecution, withholding key evidence/documents from the Defendants’ attorney(s) (proving actual innocence), lying, unethical behavior, being vindictive, retaliation, bullying, coercion, etc.

In New York, there is a pending Bill on creating a Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct. There should be one in each state.  Otherwise there will never be justice for all, and tens of thousands of actually innocent people will be incarcerated.

Do you want that to happen to you?  What about your family?  Do you/they have the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for an attorney?  Do they have the means to pay all the bills, if you are the sole financial provider?

NevadaAmerica wake-up.  Approximately $325,000.00, each year, in tax dollars are and have been wasted for the last few years,  Nearly $75,000.00 goes to pay the yearly salary of Southern Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Michael VanDyke and something like $250,000.00 goes to pay Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson’s yearly salary.

Officer Michael VanDyke is a liar, corrupt, retaliatory, unethical, vindictive, files false accusations etc.

District Attorney Steven Wolfson commits prosecutorial misconduct and maliciously prosecutes actually innocent people, who were/are falsely charged.  The District Attorney also pays alleged victims/witnesses to knowingly provide perjured testimony against actually innocent Defendants.  This payment practice has been going on for at least 20 years.

Both Officer Michael VanDyke and District Attorney Steven Wolfson violate rights afforded to us under the United States Constitution and break United States Codes (USC).

Demand that Officer Michael VanDyke be immediately fired, criminally charged and fully prosecuted.

Demand that District Attorney Steven Wolfson be impeached and disbarred.

Read what/how both Officer Michael VanDyke and District Attorney Steven Wolfson are maliciously committing horrific injustices against my best friend, poor, actually innocent, Hispanic, Steven Crain.